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A September Evening With Rafael of SRVD

Tonight we spent time with Rafael Jauregui, Veteran, Entrepreneur, Philantrhopist, and Happy Customer!

Rafael stopped in on Thursday with an impossible job: Print a "Pro Expert" silk screening design that he was hoping to make himself at D.C.'s famed Tech Shop. He got overwhelmed by his deadline, and called ASAP on the advice of his screen printing teacher. Rafael had a design for athletic shirts the Check6 team would wear for the Navy Airforce half marathon this weekend in D.C. The shirt had a 2 color front, 2 color back, and two 1 color sleeves in patriotic colors. It was quite the job, but seeing the finished product, you can tell this one is special.

When picking up his shirts, Rafael told us about his work, and we were fascinated by SRVD's mission to help service members "recharge" by interacting within the military community. It started as a simple idea to hearten veterans: SRVD is a community bringing together men and women who have served their country and now serve each other.

We were so proud to serve someone who has served not only our country but also those who protect it! Thank you Rafael, for your service and your camraderie.

Pictured: David, Screenprinting Services; Rafael, (Happy!) Customer; Mohammad, Owner; Stephanie, Creative Services



Introducing Stephanie Diederich:
Our New Team Member in Creative Services!

We are pleased to add Stephanie to the ASAP Team in August, 2017!

Stephanie will be working with us as we transition Jonathan to his new work in education. Stephanie has big shoes to fill, but luckily she has size 11 feet, and over five years experience in the print industry, to help her as she transitions to her new role in helping our customers as well as Jonathan has.

Stephanie graduated in Illustration from Virginia Commonwealth University, and specializes in design. An Adobe tinkerer since 2002, she is an expert in digital media and bringing creative ideas to reality. If it can be printed, Stephanie knows how it’s done - she has even dabbled in preparing files for dye sublimation printing on fabric (her star design pictured above right), and 3D printing (her steel "record crate" pendant pictured below right) in her design career. She enjoys music - both listening to and playing (on her miniature guitars Yakko, Wakko, and Dot) - and has an annual pass to Skyline Drive. Feel free to stop by and get to know her during business hours!

As a designer, Stephanie is great at typesetting for all your needs. Check out this menu she designed for one of our clients from a rough drawing (pictured below). She can do this and more, and she is at your service at ASAP Printing.

Stephanie will also be working on this website as well as the new website Jonathan started this year. It’s a sad goodbye to Jonathan, but as he moves on to better things, he is confident that Stephanie will pick up where he left off with panache.



Meet Our New Canon Color Copier

Delivered July 2017 is our new Color ImageRunner Advance from Canon.

We had to take off the door to get it inside our shop!

Our Canon ImageRunner Advance is designed for high volume and outstanding quality. It can make up to 105 prints per minute at 1200 dpi, and with a 7700 sheet capacity, can run autonomously for hours. It has advanced finishing features, like internal folding, trimming, punching, and saddle-stitching, making booklet printing and brochures a snap! We look forward to working with our new machine to print you amazing work!

It has already printed its first job - wedding invitations - flawlessly.

We are happy to have our new Canon ImageRunner Advance, and we will pass the amazing quality on to you, our valued customers.

Check out our new SPECIAL on color imaging!