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Bindery & Finishing

Bindery and Finishing

Our in-house Horizon MC-80m Collator can perform a variety of tasks, such as:  16-Sheet Collating, Stitching, Folding, and Trimming for Brochures & Booklets.

Even the best looking printed piece may require that finishing touch in order to be complete.  It’s all in the details.  Details such as die-cutting, folding, binding, and laminating.  Of course, with ASAP, collating, trimming, stapling, hole drilling, tabbing, shrink wrapping and coil binding can be added.  Don't worry.  Call ASAP SCREEN PRINTING for all of your copying and print needs.

If your proposal, presentation material, training manuals or reports needs binding, ASAP can add a professional touch over stapled corners or binder clips. 

ASAP can bind your document with a variety of colorful options.



  1. GBC  Binding:  A continuous, spring-shaped piece of plastic, this flexible, crush-resistant binding allows a bound book to lay flat for easy reading.
  2. Tape Binding:  Sturdy and durable cloth tape is fused to the document along the left margin forming a strong backbone.  This is the preferred binding method used by many of our area University professors.
  3. Professionally Stapled:  Booklet making, bound with staples along its folded edge, this finishing touch is used most commonly with newsletters, company bulletins and catalogs.

Remember to add an extra 1/2" margin on your document to make room for the binding.


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